To be Remembered

In our day to day life we meet strangers, friends and colleagues. Each one come and go as a passing clouds,but certain people lives in your heart. You get a relationship or bonding towards the people and there will be a self intention to keep the relationship. I am also one among the common self intended people. I was working in a small firm where only girls were present. I came to this place with the lot of dreams as i was in a situation to support my family. I was not satisfied with the remuneration as it is a small firm and i cant blame the management. So i was in need of a change, at the same time i met a friend can be meant as my “well wisher” who also was in the same place. We became a good friend and i used to share my feelings with her including my personal. She was also in the same situation and we came out of the firm where we both were in the stage of getting a new work. In that stage she offered me a new career with her reference in a reputed firm as she is not in the situation to join with me.  At that time i felt surprised no one will lend their job when they are also in the same situation to develop their career. I wish to say her name but i am not in the situation to publish a girl name in public. Every one has a turning point, She is the first turning point in my life. This blog is a tribute to her as  i have shared my past feelings in my website.

Thank you Dear..


We used to come across different characters in our life, apart from our family relations.. Obviously, when we think about our family members, we absolutely feel love, affection, care, etc.. :)…  I too was one among you… i too feel happy when i think about my mom, dad, and my sweety(sis)…..
Apart from these relationships, there are other persons we face in the world.. Friends, Colleagues, Strangers….  I too came across many persons who played different roles from my childhood… but there are only few, who lives in our heart for life long..   I feel lucky and thankful, to have such persons.. Some where friends and some unknown persons who helped in certain time. When i take my friends from my childhood, I have spend most of the time with them. We have enjoyed, learned, fought, quarreled with each other…  When i think now it become silly, but feels good..  I thank them to gave such a moment to share and think about the past..

When all the friends are considered there are few close to heart, whom we share our feelings. Among the few, i want to say about one such friend  who is different, who created funny moments, touching moments… who ad viced me,  molded me to be flexible to each and every situation.. and on the whole who played a small role.. The heart felt moments were created many times by that friend… I thank my favorite god lord muruga to take care of my friend and fulfill my wishes …. I don’t want to share each and every moment but those moments will be everlasting in my life.. :)..

I felt happy when i write this for my friends…  Life is short and endless, There are still a lot of people to face, but when i think about the moments i spend with those who came in past, It  makes me feel great… 🙂

Situations to Sweep over

Today is women’s day march 8, As i belongs to this group.. i feel to share something that each one face on their daily life.

“You can do almost anything your mind says to.. you can swim the deepest ocean &climb the highest peak.. Be a doctor or fly a plane.. you can face adversity and still walk through.. you are strong beautiful compassionate and much more than a words could ever say! Today is Urs and So, is every other days… HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY…” This quote say for a women who struggle to overcome each situations…

Here, I learnt something from one such situation i faced…  I just wrote brief….

We can come across certain situation, When we couldn’t over ride the situations normally…. At times there occur possibility to make a wrong decision or  we may kill ourselves..  This become worse when those situation relates closely…  But the time ones gone is gone for ever.. We should be keen when handling such a critical situations, Also, It shouldn’t affect us rather others surrounding us(Which is important)…  That can show our weakness leaving our determination…

If we can analyse to the point, it is easy to overcome…. I too over ruled….

At this moment a quote comes to my mind which says,    “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.” . So better try to understand yourself thoroughly sweep over certain situations… And continue ur way where u can see ur brightness which take u away from this darkness….

Life is sweet, When we can extract the essence from it…:).. As a honeybee extract the honey from a flower…:)


 In my school days, we had passion to attend the AIEEE exam and get cleared. This is one easy way to get into national colleges. We worked on it to get cleared and to continue our studies together. When working for the exam one of the choice was get into SASTRA with the same AIEEE Mark. My friends, I too wrote the exam, but none got cleared. It’s a disappointing one, but we made it sportive. We tried individually and we got scattered in different places. I am the only girl who continued my higher studies in my home town. All my friends went out of the station and pursued their studies in different reputed college. I also continued in one such college in my home town. Basically, I don’t have much exposure to adapt to critical situations. I worked little bit scored distinction, to be noted I am not the one who scored the highest mark in my grade II in school. I love to learn languages. That was one of my passion in my undergraduate. I learnt and I knew five languages only. I am not satisfied since it’s one of my passion, but I didn’t work on it.

After completing my U.G, I had a plan to persuade with higher studies. Once again SASTRA came as one of my choices. I applied to a number of colleges, First call letter came from SASTRA. As I said, in my school days I have heard a lot about this college. So without giving option I selected my course in SASTRA. I was happy to continue my studies in this college. It is the first time I am leaving my home town, and going approximately 433 Km away. I felt little nervous, but enjoyed that nervousness. When I stepped in first I had numerous expectations about this college and with me. In my first day, I got a good intro from my classmates. I had a good classmate as well as hostel mates. A new hostel life welcomed me. My course is a two year course, with four semesters. To be crisp I learnt in each semester, about life than my course.

When I was with my parents, I haven’t felt anything difficult. They were my biggest strength. When I was alone, I enjoyed at the same time felt a lot. I felt everything difficult including studies, but my course is not a tough course. I too felt everyone around me were like strangers at times. I was blind in thinking. Obviously it was a new environment, but before realizing about the environs, I was forced to handle a new situation. A great war was going inside between myself and the strange environment. Instead of concentrating on my studies, I enforced to learn about the surrounding. I also wasted a lot of days in studying about the people other than my course book. Like this three fourth of my course year went wasted. This situation was in one side, apart from this I enjoyed with my friends by chatting, quarrelling, fight, and also got compromised.

When I turned back to recall my past days, I thought that the way I approached my situation was wrong. I too believed when my tactics were different, the role of my play may be changed. But fortunately it didn’t, I faced, learnt, tackled. But I suggest, before going into a new world, one must have at least a little knowledge about the environment and also to be brave enough to handle it. If not, try to pretend which makes other fool. The way you approach your situation isolates you from the crowd. In the short period of time I learnt this from the people around me, and also by the side I enjoyed with them. At present when I write this I too feel thank full for them to giving me happiness, enjoyment and also helped me to learn my life.


Magical life

Life – This word is framed in various other forms. But in each ones life this word can be defined in a new form and also gives a new meaning. I used to read various quotes defining life,

If i need to define this, i say this as a magical one. We couldnot even guess the next moment what happens and the next minute of change in the other peoples mind. When we face those changes we learnt something in that hard situation. The moment which pretends to be present gets vanished in the next moment like a MIRAGE.

This is the reason why i defined as magic. At times, there can arise a situation when we also need to get a drastic change. Here also, it becomes a magic. Whatever may be, each and every one may face a strong pain too in the back of this magic. But also we say life is a sweet one.

If we are able to differentiate those mirage, life may be a sweet magic  🙂 🙂 🙂

c arraylist examples usage and tips

ARRAY– Stores multiple items[Series of characters, multiple strings].

Array is declared in the form of;

int a[3][2]={

Declared array is of size 3*2.

This declared array contains total of 6 elements.
Row1:  {1,4},
Row2:  {5,2},
Row3:  {6,5}.
Thus the array can be initialized row wise as well as sequentially.

Arrays are formulated as:

Type of array: Defines the type of element- Such as char, int , structure ec..
Name of array: Defines the name given to an array.
Number of element: Value inside the subscript”[]” gives the number of element.
char arr[5];

* Initializing each element seperately


int arr[10];
int i;
for (i=0;i<=10;i++)
arr[i]=i;// Each element is initializeed seperarately


* Initializing array at the time of decelaration


int arr[]={‘1′,’2′,’3′,’4′,’5’};

*Initializing array with a string

Type 1


char arr[]= {‘c’,’o’,’d’,’e’,”};

Type 2

char arr[] = “code”;

Accessing values in an array

int arr[10];
int i=0;
for(i=0;i<size of(arr); i++)
arr[i]=i; //initializing each element seperately
int j = arr[5];//accessing the 5th element of integer array arr and assigning its value to integer j.

Types of array:

One dimensional array:


Its a structured collection of components.

syntax: DataType  ArrayName  [constIntExpression];


int number [50];

To store the values in the number array, we can formulate it as

for(int i=0;i<50;i++)

To use the stored values,

for (int i=0; i<50; i++)

Example for one dimensional array:

// Program arrays.cpp manipulates values in an array.

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main () {
const int MAX_ARRAY = 5;
int numbers[MAX_ARRAY];
int index;
int sum;

// Stored values in the array.

for (index = 0; index < MAX_ARRAY; index++)
numbers[index] = index * index;

// The values in the array are summed.

sum = 0;
for (index = 0; index < MAX_ARRAY; index++)
sum = sum + numbers[index];
cout << “Sum is ” << sum << endl;

// Add code to print out the values of all the array elements


return 0;
Array used for maintaining multiple variable names using single name:


int roll1,roll2,roll3,roll4,roll5;- This can be re formed as

int roll[5];

Array are also used for sorting elements


Basically sorting are classified as
Bubble sort
Insertion sort
Selection sort
Bucket sort

Array can perform matrix operation:

Matrix can performed using multi dimensional array.

One dimensional array


#include <stdio.h>

int main()
int num[] = {2,8,7,6,0};
int i;

for(i=0;i<5;i++) {
printf(“\nArray Element num[%d] : %d”,i+1,num[i]);

return 0;
Limitations of array in c programming:

1. Static Data

*Array is static data structure
*Memory allocated during compile time
*once memory is allocated at compile time it cannot be changed during run time.

2.Can hold data belonging to same data types.
3.Inserting data in array is difficult.
4.Deletion operation is difficult.
5. Bound checking.
6.Shortage of memory
7.Wastage of memory.

Common mistakes:

1. Constant expression require

void main()
int i=10;
int a[i];

In the above example, i is initialized to 10, and denoting as a[i] doesnot mean as a[10] because i is the integer variable whose value can be changed inside the program.
so the above example can be rereturn as
void main()
const int i=10;
int a[10];


int a[10];

2. Empty valued

void main()
int arr[];
void main()
int a[]={};// This aso creates an error.

In this example, the size of the array must be specified as a constant value.

So, the correct form of writing this example is given as,
void main()

int arr[]={2,2};

3. Does not checks bound checking

void main()
int a[5];

In this example, array size is specified as 5, so the array element is given by a[0], a[1], a[2], a[3] and a[4].

but accesing a[5] causes the garbage value to be used since c doesnt perform arrays bound check.

4. Case sensitive

void main()
int a[5];
Tips for assigning array:
1. Use #define to specify array size

#define MAX 5
void main()
int a[MAX];

In this example, as MAX is replaced by 5 for every occurence, inorder to increase or decrease the size of array then the changes should be made in #define max 10

2.a[i] and i[a] are same

Run the simple arduino in UBUNTU

To run arduino in UBUNTU

Before installing the arduino IDE, check whether the gcc-avr, avr-libc and openjdk-6-jre are present,

if not use the following commands to install.

sudo apt-get install gcc-avr avr-libc ( performs the installations of gcc-avr and avr-libc).

sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre

sudo update-alternatives –config java (Select the correct jre

if installed more than one. )

Steps to install the arduino IDE.

1. Download the arduino software

2. Open the terminal(ctrl+alt+T)
3. Extract the tgz file to your home directory  “tar xzvf arduino-1.0.4-linux32.tgz“.
4. After extracting the file run.
cd /home/nanthu(change it to your home directory…)
cd arduino-1.0.4
./ arduino
5. If the above commands are run, then the arduino page setup gets open .

6. You can type your sketches in the edit page.

7. In the above case, there occur a problem that the serial port gets greyed out and we could not select.
To make it possible activate the arduino through root terminal. for that use the command
sudo ./arduino.

Through the above steps you can proceed your first example…

Inspired by Rani Laxmi Bai

Rani Laxmi Bai-Queen of jhansi, Who married Raja Gangadhar Rao, in 1842. Her life span was between 1828-1858, hardly thirty years. But still she is living. A strong, Brave, Young lady who faced her life with full of confidence.We all have studied about her in our history subject only as a lesson, wrote exams and things we studied gets vanished after our exams… But She is a lady to be remembered not to get forgotten.Her life path was full of broken glass pieces. But she had the courage to walk through those glass pieces.  In the report of the battle for Gwalior, General Sir Hugh Rose commented that the rani “remarkable for her beauty, cleverness and perseverance” had been “the most dangerous of all the rebel leaders”.  

This rani acted as a seed for the battle for freedom against the British. After her death various tiny wars raised all over the nation, that leads to our freedom.

Life is an difficult task to complete but knowing about this young courageous lady, we have to be strong enough to face our strain. I am proud to see her face. 🙂

original face

original face

मेरा दिल कहता है

I am a smallest odd prime and i am not a twin prime. I don’t say i have covered a larger part of my life. But, at this moment i felt about life. For about a month it acts a horrible cave. i was unable to find my path. It was full dark. I was unable to ask anyone at that time, since i couldn’t trust  from the depth of my heart except few . So i was more puzzled, i couldn’t solve it. Whatever i thought before the past was a kind of magic. I used the word magic, because it got vanishes from my view in this present days. But i was sure whatever be the magic all those happened was a lesson for me to tackle. I went to a state of addle. My mom used to say, whenever a problem arise, think good that u r molded by god as well as u r getting stronger to deal with it. And also she says try to thank god for giving this problem, than thanking him for giving a success. Later i clarified my self, whatever may happen its only a kind of  falsehood or vanity. Its there to deviate ur mind from reality. So many questions raised in my inner mind, I was speechless. Since, i got fully sunk in this kind of vanity. But at this moment i was little cleared, not  crystal cleared… I haven’t over come all those jugglers tricks. But my sub conscious says that i will break all those walls without fail. I trust myself that i will remove all those tricks. and get shined. 🙂 🙂 🙂 The words that inspired me, “You are not too old. You are not too young. You are not too poor. You are not too sick. You are not any of the things that stop you from doing what must be done. You are right here. You, are just right.”